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Michael Vick To Start For Eagles After Bye

Andy Reid said when Michael Vick was injured that the he would not lose his starting job, but then again he said the same thing when Kevin Kolb was injured in Week 1. The difference is, this time he meant it. When asked after yesterday’s game who the starting quarterback would be in two weeks when the Eagles face the Colts, Reid’s reply was, “It’s Michael.”

Vick has been making steady progress healing from the rib injury he suffered against Washington in Week 4. This week he was healthy enough to dress for the game, but not quite ready to play. In two weeks, all signs point to Vick being back to full strength. It will be interesting to see how Vick responds after the bye, before his injury many pundits felt he was the leader in the race for league MVP. He really was playing that well. Physically he should be fine, but will he be in the same “groove” he was before the injury where he had seemingly developed into a deadly accurate passer that never turns the ball over?

We can only hope.