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Eagles' Jason Peters, DeSean Jackson, & Brodrick Bunkley All Likely To Return After Bye Week

Perhaps the only positive note from Andy Reid’s day after press conference yesterday was his revelation that the Eagles are likely to get three starters back when the team returns from its bye against the Indianapolis Colts in two weeks. Reid said that DeSean [Jackson], Jason Peters, and Brodrick Bunkley all " have a pretty good chance of being ready for the Colts game.”

He was also asked whether he thought Jason Peters would be ready to play a full game?

“Well if you talk to the doctors and you talk to Jason, you’d say yes. But let’s see. We’ll see here over the next couple of weeks.”

While Peters may be a full go when he returns, the same probably can’t be said for Brodrick Bunkley. This is partly because Reid doesn’t know that he’ll be 100%, but also due to the solid play of his understudy Antonio Dixon.

“Well, listen, number one, I don’t think [Bunkley] will be 100 percent here coming out of the bye week. So, Antonio will probably be in there a majority of the time anyways, and we’ll just have to kind of spoon feed [Bunkley] in and see how much he can do. Dixon, again, he was a bright spot in this game [and] really the last few weeks. He’s played very well so he’ll continue to have opportunities. But I think with [Bunkley’s] injury I think it’s just going to be easing him back in and I can’t tell you how that’s going to go until he gets out [on the field] and he has to really grab somebody and pull them.”