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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Eagles Slide Back To The Middle

Last week, the Eagles had a statement win against the Falcons, which launched them up into the top 10 of most national power rankings… This week, they were on the other end of a statement win by the Titans and seem to have slid back into the middle of the pack as far as the rankings go. Like we’ve pointed out in recent weeks though, there still hasn’t been a clear difference that’s developed between the teams in the area of #18 to #20. There’s a lot of parity, or mediocrity if you like, in the league this year. Maybe moreso than ever.

The latest power rankings drops the Eagles four spots to #14 this week. This puts them directly behind the Redskins and #3 in the NFC East. Overall, the Eagles are ranked as the #6 team in the NFC.

The Eagles have their bye this week and then will face the #4 ranked Indianapolis Colts in two weeks.