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Redskins Vs Eagles: Weird Clock Controversy Leaves Eagles Trailing 17-6 At The Half

Kevin Kolb took over at QB after Michael Vick was taken to the locker room for x-rays following a rib injury.

Kolb proceeded to lead the Eagles on a nearly 17 play, 69 yard drive that took them to 3rd and goal. LeSean McCoy took the ball to the goal line and a booth review said he did not cross the goal line. The Eagles then call a timeout as they plan to go for it on 4th and an inch. As they trot out to huddle up, the referees flag them for delay of game.

The FOX announcers felt that the playclock was not properly reset, which is why the Eagles seemed to be caught off guard. It’s really hard to say whether the clock wasn’t reset or the Eagles just failed to get a play in.

Either way, the Eagles went from 4th and an inch to 4th and 5 where they had to go for a FG.

The teams went into the locker room with the Skins up 17-6