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Redskins Vs Eagles: Donovan McNabb Not Great, But Victorious In His Return To Philadelphia

Donovan McNabb was hardly vintage in his return to Philadelphia, but he left with the only thing he wanted: a win. His Washington Redskins beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 17-12, in an ugly affair.

Much like their first home game, the Eagles left this game with a pile of big injuries. The most notable was Michael Vick, who left in the first half with rib and chest injuries. He wouldn't return and will have an MRI tomorrow to determine the severity of the injury. Both Asante Samuel and Riley Cooper left the game with concussions and have to be in doubt for next week.

Overall, it was just a very sloppy game by the Eagles. Their tackling was poor, there were at least three blatantly blown coverages and they were penalized 8 times for 80 yards.

McNabb managed just a 60.2 QB rating, but the Redskins run game beat up the Eagles defense for 169 yards.

The Eagles offense racked up an impressive looking 353 yards, but mostly dinked and dunked their way down the field and often shot themselves in the foot with a bad penalty or turnover.

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