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NFL Injuries: Michael Vick Doesn't Break Rib, LeSean McCoy Does

The Eagles got some good news and some not-so-good news on injuries following Sunday’s loss to the Redskins. Michael Vick’s MRI revealed that he had no broken bones, but he does have some cartilage damage between his 2nd and 3rd rib.

At this point, whether or not he misses any time depends simply on how sore he is and how much pain he can play with. Andy Reid said that he’s very sore right now, but there’s no way of knowing how or when that will start to subside.

Reid also announced that LeSean McCoy fractured his rib, but continued to play with it. Actually played really well … That’s going to be another injury where it’s just about playing with pain for awhile.

Reid didn’t offer much of a timeline on either guy, but it’s probably safe to guess that at the least both will be held out of practice this week.