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Eagles Vs Colts: Michael Vick Says He's 100 Percent Healthy

Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick spoke after practice today and declared that he was 100% healthy and healed from the rib injury he suffered against the Washington Redskins in week 4. The injury has kept him out three games.

“No soreness at all. It’s a credit to the training staff, and [I] worked hard to get back to this point.”

He said he first truly felt pain free over the weekend.

“It was probably over this weekend, getting treatment all of last week. Just going out, throwing, and moving around, getting movement back. It felt great today.”

He was asked whether the injury will change his approach to scrambling?

“I’ll definitely be smarter when running with the football. Try to get down, if not, who knows, [there’s] no telling what I’ll do. I can’t predetermine what I’m going to do when I play, I just know I have to play smarter and be conscious of what’s going on out there and try to protect myself.”

And finally, whether he’s ready to take a hit and will he wear extra padding?

“We’ve got some extra padding that we’ll wear, but I’m confident that I can take a hit. I can’t play the game worried about getting hit or not being able to play the way I like to play. So, the most important thing is going out there and play with confidence, and believing in my abilities and believing in myself and the guys around me.”

Michael Vick will be the Eagles starter when they face the Indianapolis Colts this weekend.