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Perfect Drive Leads to Mike Vick Rushing Touchdown

Um. Wow again?

The Eagles defense forced Donovan McNabb and his shiny new contract into a three-and-out on their first possession, handing the ball back to the offense at the Philly 37. Michael Vick hit slot man Jason Avant for 15, then Jeremy Maclin took an end-around for an 11-yard first down. LeSean McCoy ran for a couple, and they went back to him for a 27-yard textbook screen pass that got them all the way to the Redskins 7 yard line. The Eagles have had difficulties in the red zone (forever) but not this time around as Vick avoided pressure and dove in the last two yards to get the touchdown and put the Eagles up 14-0 less than 5 minutes into the game.

Touchdowns, not field goals, are the difference between this early lead and last week’s early dominance on the Colts. Let’s stretch this baby out. Holy crap we look good.