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Did Michael Vick Just Have The Greatest QB Performance Of All Time?

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Michael Vick might have just played the greatest single game in pro football history. It sounds nuts, but consider this... He became the first player in the NFL history to record the following stats in a single game:

300+ passing yards
50+ rushing yards
4+ passing TDs
2+ rushing TDs

He had more fantasy points tonight than any player since the AFL/NFL merger. By the way, he reached that plateau by the midway point of the third quarter. His final line was 20/28 for 333 yards and 4 TDs. He rushed for 80 yards and another 2 TDs

After the game, hall of famer Steve Young said that Vick's performance was "One of the most defining games at quarterback I've ever seen."

Fox Sports analyst Adam Caplan called it the greatest QB performance he's ever seen.

Vick's performance so far tonight I think is the best I've ever seen any level from a QB. Anyone see any better ones?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck