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Pro Football Hall Of Fame Requests Michael Vick's Jersey From Last Night

Yesterday, Michael Vick put on what pretty much everyone deemed a historic performance. Not only did he and the Eagles offense break records, a number of pundits actually opined that Vick may have just played the single greatest game an NFL quarterback as ever played. As crazy as that sounds, the numbers do bear it out.

After the game, hall of famer Steve Young said that Vick’s performance was “One of the most defining games at quarterback I’ve ever seen.”

Apparently, the Pro Football Hall Of Fame agrees. Reuben Frank is reporting that they’ve requested the jersey Michael Vick wore in the historic win. It’s pretty crazy to think that 18 months ago this guy was in prison, with his football career effectively over… and now he’s going to have his jersey hanging in the Hall of Fame. If Vick continues to play anywhere near the way he did last night, there’s a decent chance he’ll get a bust of himself in there as well.. That said, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He’s got to beat the Giants now.