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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Philadelphia Eagles All Over Top Ten

Every major national NFL power ranking has the Eagles climbing up this week, but some had me scratching my head… ESPN has the Eagles at a respectable sixth, up two spots from last week. Their number one is the Atlanta Falcons, who have just one more win than the Eagles and were completely blown out in Philadelphia with Kevin Kolb at QB.

But you know what? That’s ok. The Falcons have played well recently, they got a big win over the Ravens… We’ll accept that, but the FOX sports rankings really befuddled me. They’ve got the Eagles at #9 behind such teams as the Colts, Giants, Saints, & the aforementioned Falcons. The Colts? That team has an identical record to the Eagles and were just beaten by them head to head. What other proof would one need to think the Eagles are a better team right now? The Giants and Eagles also have an identical record, but the Eagles have beaten two teams ranked in the top 10. The Giants have beaten none.

Real Clear Sports, who takes the average ranks of a number of national polls has the Eagles ranked at #6 this week.

Fanhouse has the Eagles all the way up at #2.

Be afraid of Michael Vick. Against the Redskins, Vick threw for three touchdowns and ran for two more — and that was before halftime. The Eagles set a franchise record for first-quarter and first-half points, and did everything right while trashing division foe Washington Monday night. A date with the Giants next week gives the Eagles a chance to solidify themselves as the class of the NFC East, if not the entire conference.

CBS has the Eagles up three spots to #4 this week.

The way Mike Vick is playing, it’s hard to count them out of anything. He’s elevated his game in a big way. They play so fast on offense.