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Tom Brady On Michael Vick: "He's Damn Near Impossible To Stop"

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One of the things that all NFL players love about being on Monday Night football is that everyone else in the NFL is watching you. Players, coaches, GMs they’ve all got the game on and they’re all interested to see what you do. Obviously Michael Vick put on a show last night and got himself a fan in Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Brady was asked whether he watched the game last night.

“I did. I woke up and saw the headline. He’s pretty amazing as an athlete. I was watching the pregame and Steve Young said, ‘He’s the greatest weapon at quarterback that there could ever be.’ I totally agree with that. With the way he can move the football and his style of play, and when he throws the ball like he did last night, he’s damn near impossible to stop.”

Ironically, it was the Eagles who prevented a Brady vs Vick superbowl in 2004.