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Eagles Vs Giants: Mornhinweg Compares Michael Vick To Steve Young

Before Marty Mornhinweg was deferring in overtime as one of the long line of coaches who couldn’t win with the Detroit Lions, he was the offensive coordinator for some great 49ers teams. Among the QBs he’s worked with was Hall of Famer Steve Young, who is probably the greatest “scrambling” QB of all time. He was asked this week to compare the skill sets of Michael Vick and Steve Young.

"They’re very similar. The makeup is there on the field as far as talent and ability. Mike has really worked hard to [get to] the level that Steve worked hard at. Steve ended up being one of the most accurate passers ever in the history of the game; first ballot Hall of Famer. So Mike has worked very hard, very diligent. He’s very focused, he’s very determined to continue to work to get to that level and then to stay at that level. As far as the exact plays, you always play to the strengths of your players no matter what position they play. That’s what we’re trying to do here with Mike."