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Eagles Vs Giants: Shawn Andrews Misses Practice Again

Former oft injured Eagle Shawn Andrews is… you guessed it, injured for the Giants. Bad news for them is that it’s the back injury which limited him to two games over his final two years with the Eagles. Just like it was here, his back remains a mystery and this week he was simply too sore and stiff to practice.

“He has been stiff and sore before but never to [this] point,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. “He actually came out and tried to work yesterday. He felt he could work. As long as he was in a two-point stance, he felt he could. But then the smarter move prevailed and we didn’t push it any. He was a little bit better this morning. And hopefully he will be a little bit better tomorrow.”

The only reason Andrews was playing is because the starter got hurt, so if he can’t go the Giants will really be scraping the bottom looking for offensive lineman. Even if he does play, an injured Andrews against Trent Cole is not a matchup any Giants fan wants to see.