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Eagles Vs Giants: Michael Vick To Be Introduced As The Starter For The First Time At Lincoln Financial Field

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Here’s something you most likely did not realize. This Sunday night will be the first time that Michael Vick is announced as the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles to the Lincoln Financial Field crowd. Think about it.. Kevin Kolb started game one against the Packers. Michael Vick took over as the starter for the next two weeks which were on the road. Then they returned to Philadelphia to face the Redskins, but the Eagles introduced their defense so they could introduce Donovan McNabb as a member of the Redskins. Vick ended up getting injured in the game.

The Eagles next played at home against Atlanta, where Kevin Kolb started. Vick resumed his starting duties against the Colts in week 9 at home, but again the Eagles introduced their defense. So finally, this weekend Michael Vick will come out of the tunnel and be introduced to the Linc crowd as their starting QB. He was asked this week how he felt about that?

"I haven’t thought about it yet due to the fact that we’ve been trying to get ready for the game this weekend and trying to be ready with the preparation. Now that the time has come and it’s almost game time, I think it’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be a great atmosphere and I think that’s going to set the tone. It’s just going to be very gratifying to get the reaction and I can’t wait."