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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Eagles Hold Steady During Bye Week

The Eagles didn’t play this weekend and subsequently didn’t move in this week’s SBNation power rankings. The Eagles have held steady at #14, but did see their rank in the NFC East improve. Last week, they were 3rd in the NFC East behind the Giants and Redskins, but after the Skins bombed in Detroit this week they plunged down the ranks and the Eagles became the #2 team in the division.

The biggest beneficiary of a bye week were the Ravens, who rose from #5 to #3 despite not even playing. The Falcons also moved up a spot during their bye week. The top five are the Patriots, Colts, Ravens, Packers and Jets.

As far as the NFC East teams. The Giants are #7, the Eagles #14, Redskins #18, and the Dallas Cowboys all the way down at #30.

This week, the Eagles obviously have a huge opportunity to stake their claim as a contender as they host the #2 ranked Indianapolis Colts. With a win, the Eagles could certainly make a claim to be one of, if not the top team in the NFC.