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Eagles Vs Giants: Michael Vick Scores His Fifth Rushing Touchdown of the Year to Cap 13-play Drive

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Both teams’ offenses stalled early, each going three-and-out due to negative rushing plays. It was clear that the Giants plan is to keep Michael Vick in the pocket at all costs, giving him plenty of time to find receivers if he’s willing to step into his throws.

When the Eagles got the ball back from the Giants after their second 3-and-out, they began the drive from their own 32. Vick hit Desean Jackson for 23 yards and the first first down of the game, getting the Eagles to midfield. A quick buttonhook to Jeremy Maclin got them another first down, which led to a dump play to LeSean McCoy, who juked his way 10 yards to another first down. In the 9th play of the drive, on third down, Vick hung in the pocket for a while before hitting Jackson for a comeback route and 13 more yards and the first red zone appearance for either team.

A few small plays to McCoy got the Eagles into a first and goal from the 4. On second down, Vick took the ball from the shotgun on a designed QB keeper, making one man miss before running into the endzone just inside the pylon.

7:09 drive, 68 yards, 13 plays. 7-0 Eagles.