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Eagles Vs Giants: Asante Samuel Picks Off Eli Manning for Another Akers Field Goal

It seems like he gets one every game. Covering Hakeem Nicks, Asante Samuel jumped another comeback route after 8 yards and stepped in front of Nicks to intercept an Eli Manning pass. That’s Asante’s 2nd turnover tonight, 6th pick of the season, half of which have come from quarterbacks named Manning.

After Clay Harbor caught his first pass of his career, the Eagles were inside the Giants 10. A play action caught the Giants off-guard and left Jason Avant wide open in the back of the end zone. Michael Vick made an easy pass to the normally sure-handed Avant, who inexplicably dropped it on third down. He was too open. Hopefully not getting 6 there won’t hurt the Eagles later on, but knowing the NFL, it will. David Akers hit his second field goal of the game.

13-3 Eagles. Missed opportunities kill.