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Eagles Vs Giants: At the Half, Philadelphia Leads 13-3

Another Eagles drive ended in a field goal, this time as time a blocked one by Terrell Thomas to end the first half. The Giants have been successful blitzing Michael Vick so far today and he’s been forced to be a different quarterback than the one who pulverized the Redskins defense last week. Aside from the first touchdown drive, Vick hasn’t been comfortable inside the pocket or out and that’s the primary reason the Eagles haven’t been able to capitalize on great field position the rest of the half. I suppose two dropped touchdown passes are also to blame.

Time of possession is virtually equal, and while the Eagles have converted three more first downs than the Giants, New York has benefited from 4 Eagles penalties, including a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit from Asante Samuel of all people and a clipping personal foul by Todd Herremans. The Philadelphia defense has been mostly great and they should continue to force bad passes from Eli Manning if the front four can keep holding the running game of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw.

The Eagles will get the ball to start the second half. A commanding touchdown drive would be awesome. Bring me back the momentum.