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Eagles Vs Giants: Hobbs Out, Eight Minute Drive Ends in Field Goal, 16-3 Philly

After a loooooong stoppage of play when Ellis Hobbs was getting stretchered off the field after a neck injury from an unflagged helmet to helmet hit, the Eagles offense looked much smoother than it had all night. First a pass on the outside to Desean Jackson, then a pass on the other side to Jeremy Maclin, who cut back for 18 yards. Then a rare screen pass to LeSean McCoy went for 17 more and Vick and company found themselves at midfield.

The Giants forced the Eagles into a third and short, and Vick went to Jason Avant for the first time since he dropped a sure touchdown pass, resulting in a first down. On another third and short, Vick tried to lean forward for the first, but was met at the line of scrimmage by Justin Tuck, who pushed him back and forced a 4th down. Andy Reid opted run another sneak on 4th and inches, deciding that the Giants front line couldn’t stop the same thing twice, and they didn’t. Back in the red zone, two ugly plays brought the Eagles to yet another third down, the third of the drive, this time with 11 yards to go. A quick slant to Desean Jackson only got 8, and David Akers came out for the 4th time today, nailing a 28-yard attempt.

16-3 Eagles. Field Goals < Touchdowns. Get some of those.