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Eagles Vs Giants: Eli Manning Hits Travis Beckum for Giants First Touchdown

The Giants were the beneficiaries of another Eagles penalty, this time a pass interference call on Quinton Mikell. Eli Manning threw up a lame duck Mario Manningham, who was covered, but Mikell got turned around and banged into Manningham before the ball was there, drawing a flag. The next play, Eli tossed an easy touchdown to Travis Beckum, cutting the Eagles lead to 16-10 with only seconds left in the third quarter.

Trent Cole gets held every play by Shawn Andrews or whoever else is on him after the snap. Sometimes they call it, but most of the time the don’t. Holds are everywhere so I don’t know how to fix it, but him being held seems to be a problem. Just thought I’d point that out.

16-10 Eagles, maybe now we can get a touchdown or two. Finish a drive please.