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Eagles Vs Giants: Vick Fumbles, Eli Manning Makes Him Pay

He simply held onto it too long in the pocket. The protection has been great all day, but Michael Vick held the ball at his side, allowing Justin Tuck to get to him and knock the ball away. Barry Cofield recovered at the Eagles 27.

With the momentum firmly on the Giants side and a short field to boot, Eli Manning didn’t waste any time. He rolled one way and hit a wheelbarrowing Brandon Jacobs for a 22 yard gain all the way to the Eagles 5. Then, with all the time in the world, Manning found Derek Hagan in the back of the endzone to tie it up. Lawrence Tynes PAT gave the Giants their first lead of the game and a nauseous feeling in the stomachs of all Eagles fans.

It’s like they’re trying to give the game away. Not good. Plenty of time left, down 1.