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Eagles Vs Bears: Jay Cutler Hits Earl Bennett for Early Lead

It only took four plays for the Bears to get the lead from the Eagles. After Devin Hester ran around aimlessly to get to the 21, Jay Cutler scrambled 9 yards on first down to make it an enviable 2nd and 1. Matt Forte took the handoff, shrugged off a Stewart Bradley tackle, and followed his blockers all the way to the Eagles 9 yard line. One play later, Nate Allen was late on the cover and Jay Cutler hit fellow Vanderbilt alum Earl Bennett for the score.

One of the biggest questions coming into the game was how the Eagles secondary would play without Asante Samuel. Thus far, starter Joselio Hanson hasn’t done the trick, allowing Bennett into the endzone for 6.

7-3 Bears.