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Eagles Vs Bears: Michael Vick Interception Turns Into Another Jay Cutler Touchdown

This drive, Michael Vick just picked apart the center of the Chicago Bears defense. Receivers are finding holes on either side of Brian Urlacher and Vick is hitting them in stride. Brent Celek, Jason Avant, and Jeremy Maclin each caught passes in the short middle part of the field, turning them into yards and first downs. On first-and-goal, Vick went short to Jerome Harrison for 4 yards to get inside the 5. The next play, Vick’s pass was deflected by Tommie Harris, popped right in the air and interception by Chris Harris for his third pick of the season. This was Vick’s second turnover all season and his first interception. Unfortunate that it was in the red zone, but from a short quarterback, tipped balls are going to happen from time to time. This one hurts with under two minutes left in the half.

The Bears went from their own 37 to the Eagles 20 on two passes by Jay Cutler, one to Devin Hester and one to Earl Bennett. Missed tackles were the pattern on both plays, a few by Dmitri Patterson and Stewart Bradley. While Asante Samuel isn’t the world’s best tackler, his presence is still missed. From the six, Cutler targeted Earl Bennett once again, who had gotten enough space between himself and Quintin Mikell to present an opening to his quarterback and twisted into paydirt.

21-13 just before halftime.