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Eagles Vs Bears: Michael Vick Finds Brent Celek To Make It 31-26

With the Eagles still down two scores after a meaningless field goal, the Bears went to their prevent defense up 31-19 with just over 4 minutes left. Michael Vick was forced to dink and dunk his way up the field, moving 40 yards to the Bears 31 on multiple short passes to Jason Avant and LeSean McCoy. The two minute warning left them with the ball on the Chicago 30 and a 4th-and-9 for the game. Somehow, Vick slipped the ball between 4 defenders in the middle of the field to Brent Celek, who walked into the endzone for the score. I honestly have no idea how that ball got through. The PAT by David Akers made the score 31-26. An onside kick is sure to come.

Vick had already short-armed his way to over 300 passing yards by distributing the ball among Avant, McCoy, Maclin, Jackson, Celek, Cooper, Harbor, and Harrison. He’s done a good job handling a very different Bears defense. Save for that pick, he’s had a good day.