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Recap: Eagles Lose to Bears, Fall to 7-4

I'm not sure what happened in that onside kick, but I'm certain people are going to be talking about it all week. The phrase "gave himself up" in the rulebook will be torn apart, just another blemish on the questionable season NFL referees have put together. Here's some bullet points because I'm disgusted.

  • The defense didn't tackle. At all.
  • Trevard Lindley and Joselio Hanson played like trash. Quintin Mikell, Nate Allen, and Dmitri Patterson were also bad. Hopefully Asante Samuel will be ready for Thursday's game against the Texans. At least it seems like all-pro receiver Andre Johnson will be suspended for the game for fighting with Cortland Finnegan
  • They fell behind early and didn't go to the running game enough. LeSean McCoy was really effective in limited carries. Give it to him more often.
  • Jay Cutler wasn't pressured enough. They sacked him four times (2 by Trent Cole) but they barely hurried him otherwise. If you hit him enough, he'll start handing the ball to you. He didn't turn the ball over today, only the third time this season he hasn't coughed it up somehow. He's an up-and-down QB that we didn't make pay for his downs today. Awful showing.
  • The offensive line couldn't contain Julian Peterson. He was really good today and the front five let him get to Michael Vick too much. He was constantly under pressure.
  • Even though the safeties were dropped back so far for the Bears D, Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson need to be able to stretch the field somehow. Each Eagles drive took a ton of time off the clock, playing right into the Bears game plan.

Very short week. Game Thursday. We're tied once again with the Giants (who barely beat Jacksonville) atop the NFC East.