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Eagles Vs Colts: Michael Vick Talks About Facing Peyton Manning

This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles host the Indianapolis Colts in what could be termed the premier quarterback matchup of the week. Michael Vick squares off against Peyton Manning in a game that features two of the top rated passers in the NFL. Vick comes into the game with QB rating of 108.8 while Manning brings a 101.4 rating.

Vick relishes the challenge of facing Manning and calls him the best QB in the game.

“I’m going against the best quarterback in the game, if you ask me, Peyton Manning. I watched him the other night against the Houston Texans, and just an unbelievable job he did, just orchestrating the offense, getting guys lined up, calling the plays. Like I said, this is what it’s all about. You’ve got to play against the best, and you’ve got to want to be the best, so it’s going to be a great matchup, very intriguing.”