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Tennessee Titans Claim Randy Moss

The Philadelphia Eagles had a shot at Randy Moss, but they joined 21 other team in passing on the former Viking and Patriot. For the Titans, Moss’ availability couldn’t have come at a better time. They recently learned that they’ll be missing WR Kenny Britt for an extended period of time. Moss gives the team, who has a serious shot at the playoffs, a threat at WR in Britt’s absence.

When Britt returns, all of sudden the Titans look formidable from an offensive perspective with Moss, Chris Johnson and Vince Young. That is of course, unless Moss wears out his welcome in Nashville like he did in Minnesota…

From a fantasy perspective, Moss probably doesn’t have a ton of value for now. He never really had time to grasp the Vikings offense in his short time there and managed just 14 catches. He’ll be able to run some simple routes for the Titans at first as he learns the intricacies of their offense.

Tennessee for Moss. Done.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter