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Eagles Look To Remain Successful Following Bye Week Under Andy Reid

Looking for a good barometer with which to gauge the aptitude of an NFL head coach? How about how his teams fare historically coming off their bye week. Obviously with an extra week to rest and prepare, teams should be in better shape to perform at a high level than during normal weeks throughout the course of a physically and emotionally taxing NFL season. Andy Reid already is recognized as one of the league’s most consistent and experienced winners during his tenure as the Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach. But just how good have his teams been with two weeks to prepare? Very good. Let’s take a look.

The Eagles are a remarkable 11-0 after a bye under head coach Reid, the longest such streak (New England has an eight-game streak in tact).

Thanks to their double-digit active streak, the Eagles have compiled the best record since the bye was introduced in 1990 (17-4). sport and aim to extend that mark on Sunday.

(Information via: @NFLfootballInfo)