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Philadelphia Eagles LB Ernie Sims Fined $50,000 For Hit On Titans WR

This time, the Eagles were on the other end of a big fine. LB Ernie Sims was hit with a $50,000 fine for striking Tennessee Titans WR Lavelle Hawkins in the head with his forearm while the player was considered defenseless. The NFL has warned Sims, who is already a “repeat offender,” that next time he could face a suspension.

The fine was issued by NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson, who told Sims that “further offenses will result in an escalation of fines up to and including suspension.”

Sims is the first player to be hit with a big fine since the league started its first crackdown after the Week 6 game where DeSean Jackson was hit in the head by Falcons DB Dunta Robinson.

Honestly, I have no memory of the hit in question. I do remember a play where Sims hit RB Chris Johnson in the head and I wondered whether that might draw a fine, but I really don’t remember a hit on Lavelle Hawkins. ESPN’s Matt Mosley couldn’t recall the hit either.