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Eagles Vs Texans: Brandon Graham Talks About Difficulties Of A Short Week

The Eagles face the Texans this Thursday night with only three days of rest. For rookies like DE Brandon Graham, a turnaround that quick is something they’ve never experienced before.

“No. Not at all. This is the first time. It’s not that bad. You’ve got to make sure you take care of your body. This is the time when you really start taking care of your body—making sure that you’re icing up, and just making sure you can stand strong because it’s going to be tough these next couple of weeks.”

Graham said he’s happy that they didn’t have to travel for this game.

“It feels good because we don’t have to get ready tomorrow and get on a plane. We can sit back and just get ready for the hotel and just get our minds right, because we’ve got, really, two days. And on that day of the game, we’ve still got a whole day to rest, so I’m just trying to get all the rest I can and just be ready.”