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Eagles Vs Colts: Andy Reid Press Conference Highlights

Andy Reid met the media yesterday and addressed the Eagles injuries and shared his thoughts on this Sunday’s game against the Colts.

On whether WR DeSean Jackson passed all his concussion tests:

“Yes, DeSean has passed his tests. I should’ve mentioned that. He has passed his tests. He visited with the doctor and so on; he’s done everything. He’ll be out there today in practice.”

On whether getting Jackson back for Sunday will be an extra boost against the Colts:

“Listen, you want all your guys there. That’s what you want to be a complete team. He’s a very good player, so that helps you and that’s another good football player that you can put out on the field. I’m not going to slight any of the guys that are out there. Jeremy did a nice job of filling in and the other receivers did a nice job of filling in. Listen, he’s a starter and he’s one of the very good receivers in the National Football League. You welcome him back.”

On whether he thought that he would ever coach a future politician in Jon Runyan:

“Listen, I’m a big Jon Runyan fan. I know you’re getting honesty, integrity, toughness and all those things that come with it. I didn’t know it then. He didn’t say much. Now he has the floor. It’s a good thing. It seems like he’s doing well.”

On whether he has a reason for starting Patterson over CB Trevard Lindley or Joselio Hanson:

“Well, Hanson has a huge role and is playing very well in the role that he’s playing. And so Patterson, when he’s had opportunity to play, he made plays. So we’re going to give him that shot. Now Hanson’s going to play a lot too [with] the offense that they run. And then we have a lot of confidence in Lindley too. So I think it’s a good situation. If Ellis is down this week, then Lindley’s up and we’ll see how that works. But it’s all a good thing.”

On playing against Colts quarterback Peyton Manning:

“Well, listen, they’re a good football team and Peyton’s a big part of that. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, as does our team. So, I mean, you’re talking about, I believe, a four-time most valuable player in this league [and] that says a little something. I’m not sure that he’s not the only one that’s done that. That’s quite a feat. A lot of good players come through this league and for him to have that under that belt is a pretty good deal. So he’s a good football player and we’re going to prepare ourselves for that football team and that’s what we’re going to do.”

On whether S Nate Allen and C Mike McGlynn have bounced back following an emotional loss against Tennessee:

“Listen, and this is with every player whether you are young or old, it’s with every coach. There’s a human element where mistakes are going to take place. [But] it’s important that you learn from those mistakes; if you’re going to be successful in the National Football League [then] you’re going to learn from your mistakes and you’re going to get better for it. And so, every game’s not going to be a bed of roses for you. Both those kids are mentally tough, so I think that’s the approach they took. They looked at whatever, and every player did and I think every coach did this week, you look at the things that you need to get better at and you go with it. And then you get out of practice and you work on it and do it as fast as you possibly can, close to game speed. And I think those two have that frame of mind. You asked specifically about those guys so I think they’re in that frame of mind.”