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Eagles Andy Reid Discusses Whether He Had Any Interest In Randy Moss

The Philadelphia Eagles were among 21 teams who passed on Randy Moss when he hit the NFL waiver wire yesterday. Head coach Andy Reid was asked whether he had any interest in Moss?

“Listen, I’m a big Randy Moss fan. I mean, his work, he’s done a phenomenal job with that. I like the receivers we have right now. You know Randy’s going to go somewhere and hook on and finish up his career and do a great job. So I have a lot of respect for that guy as a football player, and I know him away from the field also and I like him. But right now we have a good nucleus of young receivers that we feel very good about.”

He was also asked about any memories he had of his pursuit of Moss during the free agency period of 2008.

“Well, yeah, there, and I was in Green Bay for a while when he was in Minnesota [during] his Pro Bowl years, but I did, I talked to him at that time. Listen, I think he’s a heck of a player.”

On whether he was close to joining the Eagles in 2008:

“Well he ended up going back to New England so I never got him here [laughing]. He was in New England and he stayed in New England so I don’t know how close I was.”