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Eagles LB Sims: "Put Pressure On Manning, Even Better Put Him Out Of The Game"

GCobb caught up with Eagles LB Ernie Sims in the locker room yesterday to get his thoughts on the Colts offense. Not surprisingly he said the #1 priority is putting pressure on Peyton Manning, but that wasn't all...

Put pressure on Peyton Manning", Sims said.  "He’s the key to their offense.  You put pressure on him, get him on the ground.  Get him moving round in the pocket, get him nervous back there.  Even better put him out of the game. That will be our main goal.  Put pressure on Peyton Manning and it will trickle down to their whole offense

Earlier this week, Sims was hit with a $50,000 fine for a contact he made to the helmet of a Titans' WR. There was a time when what Sims said here was just how football players talked. It's not particularly threatening, but you have to wonder whether statements like this will perk up the attention of the league given their increased emphasis on player safety.

If Sims gets a chance to hit Manning, he just better make sure he does it below the shoulders.