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This week appears a bit easier than last week, which saw a lot of fairly evenly matched contests and ended up producing a few upsets. There's some good games this week namely the Tampa vs. Atlanta game which should give us some idea of which of those two teams are for real...  Here are my tops picks with the rest after the jump.

Falcons over Buccaneers - I still don't buy this Bucs team and I think they get exposed on the road against Atlanta

Patriots over Browns - Even thought it's on the road, the Patriots should roll here.

Packers over Cowboys - Green Bay is at home and primed to tear apart a Dallas squad that's a complete and total mess.

Saints over Panthers - Home game for Carolina, but New Orleans appears to have shaken off their early season struggles and should have no problem dealing with their NFC South rivals.

Bears over Bills - This is not a pick I have a ton of confidence in. The Bills are at home and the Bears really are a mess, but Buffalo is just so bad...

Jets Over Lions - Detroit hasn't won many games, but they haven't been the doormat we've seen in the past. Still, I think the Jets bounce back from last week's embarrassing shut out at home with a solid win on the road.

Ravens over Dolphins - Trickier game than it looks, but I think the Baltimore defense takes it to Miami at home.


Texans over Chargers - The Texans certainly haven't turned out to be the team they looked like at the start of the year and San Diego is one of the league's biggest disappointments. This game is a toss up to me, so I'm going with the home team.

Vikings over Cardinals - Surely the Vikings have enough to beat the Cardinals at home? I have a feeling Jared Allen's sackless games streak will end against the rookie Max Hall.

Giants over Seahawks - This is a game I would not be surprised to see go either way especially since it's in Seattle.. I'm just making a gut call here. I could see the Seattle offensive line falling apart against the Giants pass rush.

Colts over Eagles - Breaks my heart to say it and I'm sure it will be a tough game, but the idea of Peyton Manning against this defense is giving me nightmares.

Raiders over Chiefs - A much more interesting division matchup at this point than anyone ever thought. The Chiefs have played well all year and the Raiders have been fantastic the past two weeks. Really a toss up but I'll take the home team.

Steelers over Bengals - Another real disappointment is the Bengals this season. The Pittsburgh defense should have little problem dealing with suddenly terrible Carson Palmer and their famous, yet pretty average WR corps.