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Eagles take 13 point lead in first

The Colts have fallen victim to the classic “Big Play” that the ‘09 Philadelphia Eagles relied on so heavily. The first play of the game was a 62-yard rush by LeSean McCoy, setting up an easy 9-yard touchdown from Michael Vick to Desean Jackson. Next, Peyton Manning’s second pass of the day went deep intended for Reggie Wayne that got picked by Colt-killer Asante Samuel and returned 33 yards to the Indianapolis 9. A David Akers field goal sealed that drive.

Lastly, on a drive that started at their own 1-yard line, Vick aired another one out to Jackson on third and long that went for a 58-yard completion. Another Akers field goal topped it off. The score remains 13-0 Eagles with a few minutes left in the first quarter.

While the red zone execution is suspect right now, Eagles fans have to be happy about a double-digit lead on a Colts team that Andy Reid has never defeated.