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Eagles Vs Colts: CBS Crew Agrees The Hit On Collie Was Clean

On the CBS halftime show, Bill Cowher said he talked to the league offense and they said that the initial hit on Collie, which was the one that was flagged BTW, was clean but the ensuing collision between Collie and Coleman did have contact with the helmet and Collie’s second foot had just not touched the ground. So they say the flag was right. The CBS crew was in complete agreement that the hit was clean.

Boomer Esiason said he saw clearly that Collie caught the pass and put his head down to defend himself. He says "the league is overreacting to the hit and the refs are overreacting to the hit. "

Shannon Sharpe said that when a player goes over the middle against a two deep zone he knows that the safeties are closing in and if he puts his head down to protect himself, he’s not defenseless and you can’t fault the safeties if contact is incidentally made with the head. Sharpe said “This is not a personal foul, it’s not.”

Bill Cowher on Kurt Coleman "He should not be fined. Do not fine this young man. This was a clean play. Do not fine him.”