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Andy Reid Addresses Hit On Austin Collie

In his day after press conference, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid was asked whether there was anything that safeties Quintin Mikell or Kurt Coleman could have done differently on the hit on Colts WR Austin Collie. Collie laid on the field for several minutes and was eventually stretchered off. He was however alert and talking at halftime and appears to be ok.

“Well, you know what, there’s really nothing else [because] that was a bang-bang play. And it was two guys, there were three people involved, so by the time Kurt got there [Collie] was being hit back into Kurt. Listen, the league is trying like crazy to make this thing right. And so, I’m not sitting here to judge that. They’re evaluating it more than anybody. And the officials are learning like we are on the go here, so I’m not going to sit up here and bash anybody. I just, for that particular one you asked me a question – what else could they have done different? I don’t see what they could have done different because after looking at it on film and studying it, I don’t see –if the player asked me this I’d have to tell them that – I just don’t see what they could have done different. But again, I completely understand and I’m behind what the league’s trying to do. I think for the players’ sake down the road, we’re kind of in a new territory here, and we’re learning as we go with concussions and what happens when these guys are done playing football [because] you want to make sure that you do look at that. And some things will have to change.”

The NFL is reviewing the hit and we’ll find out their ruling later this week. Quintin Mikell was flagged on the play.

My take is similar to what Reid saw. Quintin Mikell delivered a tough, yet legal hit that was shoulder to shoulder. That hit knocked Collie into Kurt Coleman coming from the other side and their helmets collided. Is that the kind of thing the NFL wants to fine someone for?