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NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Eagles On The Rise

The Eagles got themselves a statement win on Sunday and the national rankings are reflecting that as they’ve jumped into the top 10 in every national poll. The Eagles seem to be firmly behind the Giants as the second best team in the NFC. Inexplicably, the Giants have actually made it to the top of a couple of these rankings despite probably not even having one quality win this season. They’ve beat exactly one team with a winning record, the Chicago Bears. The Bears have already started to melt down and probably won’t be above .500 for much longer.

Our own poll has the Eagles at #10 this week.

Impressive win over the Colts on Sunday. In two weeks they’ll have a shot at catching up to the Giants when New York visits Philly.

ESPN has the Eagles jumping up 4 spots to #8 this week.

Michael Vick is willing to take as many hits as necessary if it means winning.

FOX Sports also has the Eagles up 4 spots to #10

While they closed last week’s game well against the visiting Colts, Philadelphia needs to beat the teams they’re clearly better than such as this week’s opponent. For this team to go far, it must get more consistent play from the defense, especially in the backend.

Real Clear Sports
, who takes the average ranks of a number of national polls has the Eagles tied with the Saints for #9 this week.

CBS has the Eagles up a whopping 5 spots to #7

Mike Vick really adds spice to the offense with his legs. His ability to scramble really complements what LeSean McCoy does on the ground. Now they get Donovan McNabb again in a revenge game.

The Sporting News has the Eagles at #9 this week and picked an unlikely player to highlight

David Akers, 35, has been kicking around for the whole Andy Reid era, and he remains an elite kicker.