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Michael Vick Named NFC Offensive Player Of The Week

Michael Vick's redemption tour rolls on and another honor rolls in. After being named NFC offensive player of the month for September, Vick has been named NFC offensive player of the week after the Eagles 26-24 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Vick threw for 218 yards and ran for 74 while accounting for two of the Eagles touchdowns.

Beyond just his final stats, you have to look at the plays he made to really see why he won this honor. The kind of plays he did Sunday are arguably things only he can do. Most importantly, they almost all came on 3rd downs. Let's look first at the 58 yard pass to DeSean Jackson. It was 3rd and 7 with the Eagles on their own four yard line. Vick lines up in the shotgun, drops back about 3 or 4 yards deep in the end zone and launches a pass that travels to the opponents 45 yard line. That was about a 60 yard pass that hit DeSean Jackson in stride.

How about in the 3rd quarter with the Eagles facing a 3rd and 4 when he drops back and sees that the Colts DEs have run past him, their interior defense collapsed, and their blitzer just got lost. Vick sees the hole up the middle and gets a 32 yard gain.

Almost the same thing in the 2nd quarter here with the Eagles facing a 3rd and 9. He drops back, see the middle open up and before you know it he's got a huge gain.