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Eagles Vs Texans: Matt Schaub Knows Eagles Fans, Because He Grew Up One

Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub was born in Pittsburgh, but he went to high school in West Chester, PA and grew up rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles and attending games at the Vet. He talked this week about heading to Philadelphia to play in front of the crowd he was once a part of.

“It’s a tremendous atmosphere up there,” he said. “Growing up an Eagles fan and going to the Vet to watch the games, [they have] the best fans hands-down in the country. Definitely down here in Houston, we have some great ones. But up there in Philly, it’s going to be a raucous stadium and a fun atmosphere and we’re looking forward to it.”

That line about the Eagles having the hands down best fans in the country has to burn Texan fans a bit huh? But if anyone is qualified to judge, it’s Schaub.