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Eagles Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg Discusses Dallas Cowboys 3-4 Defense

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg met the media this week to talk Eagles vs Cowboys and the subject of Dallas’ 3-4 defensive scheme came up. Specifically, Marty was asked whether the Eagles struggle against 3-4 defenses?

“Oh no, we love the 3-4. This offense is built around [playing the 3-4]. There are some really good 3-4 defenses. There are some that blend it, too. Every defense is different. This is sort of a different 3-4 than another 3-4. They base the 3-4 personnel, but they play a little bit different style.”

Does the 3-4 defense gives the tight end more opportunities to catch passes?

“Well, it depends on how they’re playing that 3-4 and what type of coverage—all of those things. There are some where it does, there are some where they take care of the tight end pretty well.”

How the Dallas 3-4 is unique?

“Well, some 3-4’s are two-gap. Some 3-4’s you don’t see much of it. Some 3-4 personnel don’t play all that much straight 3-4. It’s 3-4 personnel, they typically reduce on the weak side there. Every 3-4 personnel—they’re structured just a little bit different.”

Exactly why do the Eagles enjoy playing against a 3-4 defense?

“Well, it’s what this offense was built [for] way back when, when everybody was in the 3-4 back then.”

It should be noted that the Eagles biggest offensive output of the year came against the 3-4 defense run by the Washington Redskins.