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Cowboys Vs Eagles: Michael Vick QB Draw Gives Philly an Early Lead

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As the Eagles have done so many times this season, Andy Reid dialed up a bomb to start the game. Michael Vick rolled out after a play action and unloaded one to Desean Jackson that went for 60 yards into the Cowboys secondary. With the ball on the 16 and third down, Vick scrambled and found Chad Hall just a half yard shy of the first down. Andy took the rsk early, letting LeSean McCoy plow through the line on 4th and short.

In a goal-to-go situation, Vick took a quarterback draw from the shotgun and ran through the line easily for the first score of the game just over three minutes in. That’s his 7th rushing touchdown of the year, his most since he got 8 with Atlanta in 2002.

7-0 Eagles.