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Cowboys Vs Eagles: Todd Herremans Catches Michael Vick Touchdown

Michael Vick and the Eagles offense finally started using the screen game to beat the Cowboys defense. The signature play of the drive was a 37-yard hook to Desean Jackson, who cut diagonally across the field and used a nice Jeremy Maclin block to get all the way to the Dallas 2-yard-line. Two plays later, Vick faked the handoff to LeSean McCoy and found a wide open (and eligible!) Todd Herremans for the third score of the game. That’s Herremans’ second career touchdown after lining up as a tight end. Red zone touchdowns are huge in rivalry games like this one.

News out of the locker room is that Stewart Bradley is out with a dislocated elbow. He’ll definitely miss the rest of the game and it’s a possibility he misses the remainder of the season. Jamar Cheney, rookie out of Mississippi State, will take over at middle linebacker. Sad for Stew.

14-7 Eagles.