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Cowboys Vs Eagles: Mike Vick Interception Turns into Felix Jones Touchdown

Michael Vick already threw a pick this game that netted the Cowboys a field goal and this one hurt worse. He rolled to his right, bad for a left-handed quarterback, and threw a strike to Jeremy Maclin who got hit as he tried to catch it. The ball popped up and fell into the happy hands of Bradie James. That’s Vick’s third pick of the season and his first time throwing two in one game (obviously).

With a short field, the Cowboys went to Felix Jones on an effective screen pass to take the ball all the way to the Eagles 2. Simple enough, Jones pushed the line forward on second down and put the ball into the end zone for 6. The Cowboys lead for the first time this game. Somebody on either side of the ball needs to make a play to retaliate quickly.

20-14 Dallas.