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Cowboys Vs Eagles: Akers 50-Yard FG Ties it Up in Fourth Quarter

Colt Anderson started the post-FG Dallas drive by breaking up the return and tackling Kevin Ogletree at the 8. The Eagles defense came up with a big three-and-out, giving the offense the ball back around midfield to start the drive. Desean Jackson was being looked at on the sidelines after the punt return.

On a game-teetering third down, Michael Vick targeted Jason Avant for 13 yards and his second catch of the game. A few LeSean McCoy runs and another Avant first down later, and the Eagles were marching to the Cowboys 30 as the 3rd quarter expired. Down a field goal, Vick went deep to Jackson (back on the field) in the corner of the end zone and missed another hook-up by a few feet. A swing pass got blown up by Bradie James when Todd Herremans missed the block to open it up. On 3rd and 12, Dallas rushed three and Vick, with a ton of time, threw in between Avant and Jackson.

David Akers was sent out for a game tying 50-yard field goal and nailed it with plenty of leg, his longest make of the year. He’s got 122 points for the Birds this season.