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Cowboys Vs Eagles: Desean Jackson Scores Longest Touchdown in NFL This Season


From the 9-yard line, Michael Vick threaded the needle to Desean Jackson on the sideline, missing the outstretched fingers of Mike Jenkins by a hair. Jackson turned upfield and cut and cut and then he was gone, beating the Cowboys secondary to the end zone for his longest career touchdown at 91 yards. It’s also the longest play from scrimmage in the NFL this season. He’s got 210 yards on 4 catches today. He’s 28 yards away from 1,000 yards on the season.

Unfortunately he celebrated while still on the field, which is a bummer, but a play like that I can handle him doing that. He was penalized 15 yards for excessive celebrating but the Eagles kickoff coverage was money anyway and it didn’t matter.

Jon Kitna’s first play of the drive went to Roy Williams but got picked by Dmitri Patterson for his 4th interception of the season and Kitna’s second of the day. The Eagles are riding LeSean McCoy in the red zone now, trying to make this a two score game with almost half the fourth quarter in the books.

27-20 Eagles. That happened fast.