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Cowboys Vs Eagles: Philadelphia Up Two Scores With 8:17 Remaining

Sure, after the Dmitri Patterson interception of Jon Kitna, it would have been nice to score a touchdown and lock this game up. But on fourth down with over one yard to go on the Dallas 11, kicking the field goal was the right play there. It’s likely that with a Michael Vick sneak, the Eagles would have gotten the first down, but when the opportunity is there to make it a two score lead, you have to take it. Andy Reid went for the field goal, David Akers’ third this game, and Dallas is now down 30-20 with time ticking away.

Make a stop and get the ball to LeSean McCoy (78 yards away from 1,000 on the season) and run out the rest of the clock. Unfortunately, and we say this every time an Eagle gets injured every week, Brandon Graham is down with an injury.