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Cowboys Vs Eagles: Missed Tackles Lead to Jason Witten Touchdown

The Eagles defense was an inch away from sacking Jon Kitna and for all intents and purposes ending the game. But three Philly defensive linemen whiffed on the sack of the ancient QB and let him run 10 yards on 4th and 8 to keep the drive alive. Then Ernie Sims watched Tashard Choice cut right by him for 17 yards. Jason Witten, who has underachieved all season long and always kills the Eagles, caught a Kitna pass, stonewalled a tackle and walked into the end zone making it 30-27 Eagles.

On the return, Jorrick Calvin scampered around the end zone trying to waste time (and failing because the clock doesn’t start on a kick off in the end zone), before taking a knee. Fine. But then he jawed at Alan Ball and things escalated to where he popped Ball in the helmet and got charged for a personal foul. Dumb.

Now we’re working LeSean McCoy and the offensive line, establishing the running game for 37 yards on three plays this drive. The Cowboys just called a time out with 2:45 remaining.

30-27 Eagles.