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Week 15 NFL Picks

Last week, we were hoping to see some teams start to fall out of the playoff race and see some separation at the top of the conferences. What we got was even muddier playoff picture than we started with. So we head into week 15 with a lot of teams in the race and therefore teams with a lot to play for. So here are your NFL picks for week 15.

San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers (-9) - The 49ers actually still have a shot at a division title thanks to the awful NFC West, but the Chargers are in the hunt in the AFC West now as well. They're playing really well and if the Chiefs are without Matt Cassell again this week the Bolts will feel like the division is within their grasp. Nine points are a lot, but San Diego is a better team and at home. Pick - Chargers

New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens (-2.5) - It feels like this line should be Ravens -3, but it seems like money is going on the Saints here. Baltimore is on a short week and didn't look all that impressive against Houston. That said, in week 13 New Orleans went on the road to Cincy and barely escaped with a win. Do we trust them to go outside against a good team and get a win? This should be a good game, but I think Baltimore wins by a FG. Pick: Ravens

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers (-2) - First, you'd probably have to be out of your mind to bet this game because there's literally no way to predict what's going to happen when two of the three or four worst teams in the NFL meet one another. The Cards did play better last week, but can we trust them on the road? I'll just take the home team. Pick: Panthers

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals (-1) - The Browns have burned me the last few weeks. I got on their bandwagon, but without Colt McCoy they just don't look like they're going to beat anyone. I think Cincy breaks the NFL's longest losing streak this week. Pick: Bengals

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys (-6) - The Cowboys played the Eagles tough last week, they'll have a much easier opponent this week when the Skins go down to Dallas. I think they win easy. Pick: Cowboys

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts (-5) - The Colts at home can beat the Jags by a touchdown can't they? They're fighting for their playoff lives. Pick: Colts

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (-6) - The Dolphins are one of those teams that are completely unpredictable from week to week. They're coming off a big win against the Jets where they really played well, especially on defense. Pick: Dolphins

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants (-3) - The Eagles have now beaten the Giants five straight times. So do they just have the Giants number or are they due for a loss? This game is in New York, but the Giants are coming off an unexpectedly short week. What I keep coming back to though, is whether the Giants defense can play any better than they did last time against the Eagles when they still lost and gave up 27 points? Pick: Eagles

Kansas City Chiefs at St. Louis Rams - There's no line on this game yet because we don't know whether Matt Cassell will play. These are both good home and bad road teams, so I'd probably favor the Rams either way...

Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5) - The Bucs got a lucky win on the road last week at Washington, but they've been a good home team. They kept themselves in the playoff hunt last week and should take care of the Lions at home. Pick: Bucs

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans (-1) - I really don't have a lot of confidence in the Titans. The Texans are due to finally win one of these where they stage these great comebacks. Even on the road, I still like the Texans here. Pick: Texans

Atlanta Falcons (-6) at Seattle Seahawks - This is a trickier game than it looks. Seattle has only lost twice at home this season, but then again they did just get blown out by the 49ers last week... I just can't in good conscience put money on the Seahawks to do anything. Pick: Falcons

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (-6) - Last time these teams played, Oakland won 59-14 in Denver. The Broncos are actually a worse team now and they're playing a back to back road game. I love Oakland here. Pick: Raiders

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers (-6) - The Jets are a mess right now and the last thing a team in their state wants to do is go on the road to Pittsburgh. Pick: Steelers

Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots - No line on this one yet because we don't know whether Rodgers will play.

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings - No line yet because we don't even know where the game will be...